2016 Projects

Aaron Sequida

Aaron Sequida is a community of around 3,000 people. This community is located on the road to Masachapa about 8 km from the larger village of Los Cedros. The church is another plant of the Iglesia Mount Horeb and  Paster Fernando. This is the church were Pastor Fernando’s wife is the Pastor. In 2015 along with the help of DBI Ministries, Hope Road Nicaragua and CrossPointe Church we purchased the property for the church, built the structure, and installed a well.

Wish List:

Kitchen - Completed

Concrete Flooring  for Church - $4,000

Bathrooms - $6,000

Santa Rita Church Plant

Santa Rita is another community located on the road to Masachapa about 4 km from the village of Los Cedros.  This is another church plant of Iglesia Mount Horeb and Pastor Fernando.  It is a community of about 2,500 people and there are only two churches in this area.  The church property and building were purchased and constructed in 2015.  There is much work to be done here!

Wish List:

Well - $15,000 – COMPLETE!!

Concrete Floor - $4,000

Bathrooms - $6,000

Kitchen - $5,000


Community Impact: El Canejo

El Canejo is a community located off the Old Highway to Leon about 3 km from the village of Los Cedros and the home church of Pastor Fernando. It is a community of about 1,500 people who work in the neighboring sugar cane fields. The well that you see is the only well in the community, and only has water about 3-4 months out of the year. When there is no water, the people go into the fields and take the water out of the puddles to wash and drink. The property with the house on it is the desired property for the church. This community has many needs!

Wish List:

Property Purchase - Completed

Well - Completed

Building - $9,000


Chinandega is a community about 2 hours from Los Cedros. Iglesia Mount Horeb and Pastor Fernando have planted a church there in this community of almost 12,000 people. Just like the church at KM 54, we believe that this is an amazing area with great potential. We believe that this community, with God’s help will flourish just like KM 54 when they see that there is hope and that God truly cares for them. The picture above are of the property we would like to purchase for the new church and of the pastor and her husband that will help lead this adventure. The have been ministering in the community since the beginning of 2015.

Wish List:

Purchase Property - Completed

Building - Completed

Well/Electricity - Completed

Concrete Floor - Completed

Bathrooms - Completed

Three wall sections to make pulpit area - $8,000